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thriving bodies and minds

Preschool, Primary,Mini Level Schedule (Approx ages 2-7)

Junior/Intermediate Level Schedule 

(Approx ages 7-12)

Upper Division/Company Level Schedule 

(Approx ages 13+)

Adult Level Schedule 

(Beginner friendly)

At Thrive Dance Studio it is our goal to offer programs that encourage the attainment of technical training while inspiring a LOVE and PASSION for performing. It is our belief that students should have a vast understanding, more than just basic dance training and we encourage this by helping them develop a kinesthetic and anatomical understanding of their bodies. Together these goals ensure that your child will not only enjoy the art of dance but also have the opportunity to attain INVALUABLE SKILLS and knowledge that expand beyond the studio walls.


In order to achieve this, Thrive has taken a a bold choice to keep ALL regular classes as non-competitive classes. 


How does this benefit your child?

We believe that the more hours a child spends exploring, developing, and focusing on their technique/week the stronger and smarter dancer they will become in the long run.

*All regular classes perform in 1-4 Recitals during the year as a part of our BALLET PRODUCTIONS and/or GALA SHOWCASE.


With that in mind, we do encourage our dancers to participate in "ELITE and COMPETITIVE PROGRAMS" where they can put their skills to action on stage consistently through out the year at various Dance Competitions. 


Having the CHOICE to partipate in competitive work relieves families of potential financial strain, allows student to be in control of the scope of their dance training, and if dancers choose to NOT participate, they are still involved in intensive training that is not 'Recreational' level and still get the opportunity to dance on stage for our performances.


For more info on our COMPETITIVE PROGRAM and pricing click below:


Ballet is a beautiful, codified form of dance and a strong foundation for other styles of movement. Ballet technique takes strong commitment to learn and master, and much practice to retain proficiency. Thrive offers a Pre-Pointe Class for the aspiring pointe dancer. Pre-pointe training ensures that every dancer safely achieves appropriate strength, flexibility, and commitment to getting their shoes. 

Thrive dance studio specializes in ballet offering a variety of classes during the week and TWO full ballet productions each season.


The form of dance created under the umbrella of Street Dance. Street Dance has many styles including: house, breaking, tutting, hip hop and many more. This class will focus on learning the history of hip hop dance. Where it came from, why it was made, and what styles of dance influenced it. Just like any other forms of dance, Hip Hop has many techniques to learn and perfect. The goal of the class is to constantly learn new movements and to appreciate this exciting dance!


Contemporary dance is a term that in Canada is often used interchangeably with modern dance. For some people, however, it specifically means dance that developed from the roots of modern dance. Thrive offers a wide variety of modern techniques in this class alongside improvisational explorations. Students immerse themselves into mature subjects, challenging today's boundaries and limitations in contemporary dance.


Musical Theatre is a form of theatrical performance combining acting and dance techniques. Students study lip-syncing skills through various characters within mini-musical productions. This form of dance calls to the outgoing dancer searching for an outlet to release that energy and character! However, Thrive's Musical Theatre program is also witness to many "introverted" students willing to push their personal boundaries. Countless times students of this intorverted nature surprise their families and friends shining onstage- fully immersed in their characters!


Lyrical is a fusion of ballet and Jazz.

Not only do dancers often move to the highlighted lyrics of a song, as the name implies, but also with an expressive, poetic, and musical quality. Lyrical dance is a subtle yet dynamic form of dance challenging technicality and individualism. Thrive's Lyrical classes encourage dancers to access deep personal emotions in order to wholistically and honestly portray a given theme. We have seen that lyrical can often be healing to both student and teacher as themes such as "over-coming obstacles", "letting go", and "dreaming big" are explored.


Jazz dance was developed in the United States by African-Americans in the early part of the 20th century. It drew on African rhythms and techniques that isolated various parts of the body in movement. Jazz has now become popular for it's 'flashy tricks' and regular appearances in Broadway. Thrive appreciates what the Jazz technique has to offer our students developing age-appropriate challenging routines.


This style of dance combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. It is defined by its athletic character, its unique choreography, which seamlessly blends dance and acrobatics, and its use of acrobatics in a dance context. It is a popular dance style in amateur competitive dance as well as in professional dance theater and in contemporary circus productions such as those by Cirque du Soleil. Acro is an especially challenging dance style for dancers as it requires them to be trained in both dance and acrobatic skills. Acro dancers must be in excellent physical condition as well, because acro is a physically demanding activity. This class focuses on a fun atmosphere in learning acro for children.


This popular, fast-paced class emphasizes proper execution of both jumps and turns in various forms of dance. Focus is on personal devleopment and growth in strength, balance, and flexibility conditioning. Because of the dedicated nature to growth in technique, this class does not perform in year end recitals.


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