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be kind, be calm, be safe-Dr. Bonnie Henry

Current Covid Procedures + Protocols

(Last updated November 19, 2020)

These are our current guidelines based on recommendations set out by Fraser health  and are subject to change.


*NEW-  All Thrive parking stalls directly in front of our studio entrance will be used for DROP OFF'S only. In this situation, parents with young children are asked to stand in a  distanced entrance line so that they may ensure that your child gets to the right place safely within the Lobby. They will then be asked to exit following one way traffic flow arrows out the back door.


*New - For all pickup's, parents are asked to park in the Big Box parking lot just west of our building and walk the short distance to the studio to connect with students at the backdoor. Please read COVID protocol page and review our demo video released in the fall for details.


*Students are asked to arrive a maximum of 5-8 minutes early to give a little extra time for parking, preparation and check in while ensuring lower congestion between class times.


Our parking lot is a shared space and in order to ensure safety for everyone we ask that you slow down while entering and exiting the building, stick to sidewalks, crosswalks and lower speeds while in the parking lots.


Please be mindful towards our neighbouring businesses and limit parking to stalls that are labelled "Thrive" during drop off. Parking in Redline or Prairie Coast spots is allowed as long as we ensure that we only use them outside of their business's hours which are posted on all the walls of the buildings.


  • All parents/guardians must submit a form via online, scanning QR code at studio, or by filling out paper form in lobby for each day that their child arrives for classes. When you have submitted please notify your child so that they know and are able to notify us at the door. 

  • All students must be dropped off at front entrance 5-8 min prior to class  *wearing a mask for all students Mini Level and up (approx. age 6)*

  • Enter lobby using markings/cones to stay evenly spaced apart. Use hand sanitation systems upon entry. 

  • Temperature will be taken for each child on each entry

  • Parents entering with their children (Parent and tot classes, extenuating circumstances, emergencies) will be asked to follow traffic patterns and exit out back doors.

  • Students will be brought into class using markings to direct traffic. Place one personal small sized bag in delegated space in the studio.

  • At the end of class students will collect personal items follow traffic patterns to exit out the backdoors of the building.

  •  Pickup will be organized at backdoors 5-8min after each class. Young students will only be released to parents directly and will be asked to stand in a holding room area until their parent is there to take them.


General Notes and recommendations for Students / Parents:

-UPDATE: Masks are required to wear in class for Mini level classes and up. Please self monitor and ask for breaks if at any point you feel faint, difficult to breath due to heavy cardiovascular activity. Teachers will also highlight moments in class when a short mask break can be taken.

-Students in younger levels (Tot and Primary) are encouraged to wear masks for entering and exiting. Thanks to all those that have already shown an impressive effort!

-We ask that all students try to use bathroom facilities at home as much as possible.

-We ask that dancers arrive ready to dance without having to change into dance clothes. Dance attire requirements will be adjusted to allow for easy transitions between classes.

-We ask that each student bring a small sized bag for personal items. No large luggage etc.

-We ask that each student bring their own pre-filled water bottle to class with them. We recommend students that are taking more than one class to bring a spare in case. We ask that dancers do not rely on studio water.

-Students should refrain from handling and using cellphones at the studio.  Emergencies only.

-Students are encouraged to eat before/after class outside or in vehicles when possible. Students attending long dance days will be asked to sit in designated areas; sanitize their hands before and after, and take their personal items including garbage home with them.


What we're doing to keep our fam safe..

Thrive will be encouraging anyone feeling ill to stay home. We ask that all our clients and staff refrain from attending the studio if they are symptomatic or if a family member becomes ill. In this situation we ask that students participate in a 14 day quarantine or until symptoms disappear. We are looking at involving Virtual access to alleviate pressure and disappointment that students may feel when unable to attend due to sickness or symptoms.



Thrive is installing hand sanitizer dispensors at each entrance and exit, all studios, and student lounge. Students and staff will be asked to sanitize upon entry/exit. Bathrooms will have liquid soap and single hand towels available, we will no longer be encouraging use of our hand driers.


Designated markings in studios and hallways to support distancing between students and staff. We will be doing our best to support one way traffic through the studio and enforcing drop off and pickup protocols for all students and clients attending our studio. Further details to follow in our demo video coming out prior to the studio opening for fall classes.


We will be following routine cleaning practices of all high touch surfaces, mats and all dance equipment. Dance classes have been staggered to allow for proper floor cleaning and disinfection.

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