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building technique, character, integrity, and confidence since 2006

Competitive Programs

Thrive Dance Studio's competitive program is one like no other. We see potential in all of our students and not just innate abilities or 'talent'. We believe in nurturing our students inside and out of our studio walls-Helping them to see the power that lies within them. A dancer who believes in themselves will rise to their true potential as a dancer and person in society.


We are dedicated to providing exceptional dance training that has a strong technical focus in all styles-This is why we have mandatory class requisites for our competitive students.


We pride ourselves in having a faculty that ensures each piece is crafted specifically to each dancer's/group's abilities, maturity, personality, and strengths. You might notice that Thrive pieces have a certain "flavour" to them. We are often recognized with Choreographic and Performance awards for "age appropriateness", "impactful storytelling", "genuine emotion", and "skilled use of stage/props".


Backstage before competitions you would see us gathering together in support of each other. Mostly, we are focused inwards so as to bring each dancer's best self on to the stage. Thrive has an impeccable track record of being a positive force behind the scenes-even with other studios.


We believe the skills aquired through our competitive program will promote self-confidence, self-esteem, dedication, commitment, teamwork, creativity and a love for the arts in a professional, competitive and performance oriented environment.

Thrive believes that maintaining a dancers technique through out the season is vital to their progression and technical attainment. Therefore, opting to compete means that they ADD an additional competitive class (most are 30mins) to their schedule that only focuses on that particular dance of choice. 

Thrive Competitive Teams:







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