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Primary + Mini Programs


Our Primary and Mini programs are all about inspiring a passion for learning within the dance aesthetic. Dance enhances emotional development and encourages creativity, and social, cognitive, and physical development. Our Preschool, Primary, and Mini Programs are the strong foundation for your children to thrive in both dance and life.

Primary 5/6 years

Mini 6 yrs-8yrs

These ages are approximate. Assessments are made in first few classes to ensure the class is the right fit for each student. 

Classes available:

Primary Ballet

Primary Acro

Primary Hip hop

Primary Tap

Primary Musical Theatre/Jazz

Primary Jazz

Primary Lyrical

Primary/Mini Silks

Primary Mini Tap

Mini Ballet

Mini Hip Hop

Mini Jazz

Mini Musical Theatre 

Mini Lyrical

Mini Acro

Students participate in 1-5 of our annual performances at local professional venue, Chief Sepass Theatre.