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"Wow Thrive Dancers!!!!! WOW!!!! So much talent in all levels.

Congratulations to all on another wonderful successful show!!!!"

-Roberta Sawatzky

"As always an amazing performance from all the fantastic

dancers dancing their hearts out! A job well done by all the

truly wonderful instructors & helpers! I cannot wait to see

what's in store for next season ... Way to go Thrive Family!!"

-Katie Wilcox

"There should have been a warning that Kleenex would be required. Very powerful stuff last night. Beautiful dancing and choreography. I also would like to note how much I enjoyed the hip hop - so much energy and attitude - it's come a long way! And the acro!! All I can say is "WOW"!! What a great show!" -Sherri Bicknell

"It was my first time at a Thrive Dance Show and I just have to say thank you for such an amazing night! I loved all the song choices, the costumes (especially how age appropriate they all were), the choreography, and the dancers who gave it their all!"-Emily Krabbendam

"Thank you for going the extra mile and supporting our girls in their other important

endeavors. You are such a big part of their lives that it means so much to them to

know you stand behind them and believe in them."-Lesley Young

"There was so much team work going on during Photo day! AKA: students lending

each other forgotten ballet shoes, tights, bodysuits, hair pins, doing each others

hair etc. for photos. It makes me believe that we really are a tight knit family.

How our students act towards each other is a huge reflection of our parents.

So thanks for that Mom's and Dad's, Grandma's and Grandpa's and koodos

to you for raising these awesome kids and allowing us the opportunity to be

apart of their lives!"-Krystal Morrison

"I had a great chat today with my Upper Div/Company B class about Conflict Resolution! They took in the information maturely, they were open to sharing their thoughts, feelings, and even their own weaknesses! What was supposed to be a 30 minute chat turned into a full hour and half!..I didn't want to stop such a useful and honest discussion that they can apply to their lives with family, friends, strangers, and so on!"- Natalie Kohan




on our inspirational dancers

"I love the positive energy that Thrive Dance studio has. The teachers and

students are amazing!

"Aspiring to be a senior! They are amazing dancers!! I wish to have some

accomplishments like they have achieved!" -Eden Clogg

"Feeling imparticularly lucky and honoured to be a dance teacher at Thrive!
To create and connect with other beings amid all the usual chaos of life is such a beautiful and necessary thing" -Natalie Kohan

"To all the parents of the primary dancers. Your kids were so amazing back stage last night. They were so kind to each other, sharing their activities and playing games. They were pretty patient waiting and waiting and waiting for their time to go on stage. Even though they were all tired by the end of the evening I hardly heard any complaining! It was fun (and exhausting) spending the evening with them. You should all be really proud of your kids (as I'm sure you are)." -Elizabeth Buhler


"For 2 full hours Karen was sweatin up a storm practising on the side the whole time- even when I wasn't working with her. THEN finished class with "what can I work on for next week?" And for once, I couldn't say much! Thats a great feeling as a teacher! When my students are giving 110% I give 120%. Im inspired. "

- Krystal Morrison


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